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The Why of PC-TULSA, RDLUSA and PrivateDomainsInc.com

When you make PC-Tulsa one of your IT service providers, you will have a knowledgeable team of organized IT professionals and specialists on your side to help you get difficult and time consuming projects done the right way,on time and on budget.

Our experienced project managers and factory certified technicians will solve your IT problems as well as setup and maintain the services we provide to you from our five state-of-the-art and redundant world class data centers.

PC-Tulsa and RDLUSA manage and maintain five redundant data centers located in five different cities. We have the technology, managers and talented technicians to make IT services convenient, economical, faster, easier to maintain, and more efficient.

We will solve your daily IT issues with our experienced technicians and organized project managers.

We will work hard for you every day to solve your IT problems and make both your job and your IT staff's jobs less stressful by using the creativity and energy of our talented and professional staff.

When your have an IT emergency or when you have a highly specialized or complex IT project we offer something truly unique in the industry.
We have two fortune 100 companies that we provide services and bandwidth for. During contract negotiations, we wanted access to their smartest and most capable employees in the case of emergencies or during special projects for our internal projects, and also for our smaller customers.
These highly trained and specialized employees of these two fortune 100 companies are available to us to help us if we get a complex project or if we get behind. They are just a phone call away from being able to remote in to our technicians notebooks and start helping us immediately. Man that's a big load off our mind and our overhead to not have the expense of these people but we can benefit from their knowledge and speed every week.
We love to forge new relationships with small and large companies to help all of us business owners utilize the maximum potential of our IT departments..

PC-Tulsa's 24 year heritage of providing our customers with quality and performance plus our track record of innovative solutions puts us at the forefront of IT service providers.

To learn more about all the advantages that PC-Tulsa offers, we invite you to contact us today. You will see why it makes so much sense to have us working for you.


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