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The What of PC-TULSA and RDL USA

In a nutshell, here’s what we are really great at doing:

Repairing, upgrading, maintaining, configuring, and updating operating systems.

Fixing, configuring, and administering your file servers, PCs, and networks. We can also set up and maintain your firewalls, network intrusion systems, monitoring and alerting systems, branch office equipment, and your home based and mobile users equipment.

We can design your new network or certify, troubleshoot and repair your existing network and branch office connectivity. We own our own network certifier devices: (One) Microtest Pentascanner 350+, (One) Microtest Omniscanner 2, and (One) Fluke DTX 1800. These network cabling certifiers test and certify Cat 5, 5E, 5EE, 6, and 7 as well as Single and Multimode Fiber cabling. Each PC-Tulsa and RDLUSA office has their own equipment.

We can discuss your needs and upgrade, document, and certify your network. We can also run configuration, vulnerability and compliance audits for FDIC, SOX, and HIPAA. We will help you get started with these and other compliance projects and documentation. The hardest part is getting started and knowing the best place to start. That is what we are really great at doing.

We can provide you with Visio technical drawings, data flow diagrams, business continuity documentation, as well as other spreadsheets and documents we will give you to use and edit for your future needs.

We can manage the network installation, testing, certification and monitoring if you wish, using our network cable analyzers and certifiers mentioned above. If you want to use your own cabling company, that is fine with us, we will still certify it and verify they wired it correctly and no interference from fluorescent lights or microwaves or near by radio towers will cause your network problems in the future. If your network is allready up and running, we can look for problems one wire at a time to verify the cabling isn't causing your network slowdowns.

Here are some of our most popular network projects we work with our customers on.
(content deleted due to competitors copying our pictures and network drawings, Call us to see them)

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